Corporate social responsibility statement

Looking at our achievements for the financial year ending 31 July 2022 and our plans for the next year.

Our commitment

Jisc aspires to make positive contributions to the communities we are in and to the nation overall and minimise the negative impact of our organisation and activities as part of our charitable mission.  

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy remains in place, guiding our work across:  

  • Providing sustainable benefits for our stakeholders  
  • Minimising our impact on the environment, both directly and through what we do for our stakeholders  
  • Providing support for the wellbeing and development of staff 
  • Securing our own financial sustainability and independence  
  • Improving the positive impact on the communities we live and work in and reducing the negative impact  
  • Developing our partnerships with suppliers  
  • Continuous development of our governance and transparency

Our approach

Our corporate social responsibility strategy continues to focus on three key areas:

  1. Environment
  2. Business ethics
  3. Community

The strategy is supported by a dedicated cross-organisation working group to ensure that we have the engagement of different parts of the business who can drive forward the changes we need to see.   

Communication across the organisation is critical to ensure that colleagues know about the work we are doing and how they can support it. We have CSR champions in each of our business areas who are acting as a conduit to share information and gather ideas and feedback from across the organisation. A CSR intranet area is in place where we share information about our work, blogs and provide links to relevant information, as well as Yammer sites focussed around the environment and volunteering aspects of our work.  

A refresh of our corporate social responsibility strategy will be undertaken in 2022-23, to reflect the sustainability focus in the new Jisc strategy and to provide an opportunity to gather stakeholder views about where we need to focus our efforts and ensure colleagues are engaged with the strategy. 

Our achievements 2021-22

In the last year we have progressed the three strands of our corporate social responsibility strategy in the following ways:  


  • Over the year we have worked with Aleron, a CSR consultancy, to review Jisc’s climate change risks, identify where we could enhance our strategy and help us kick off our carbon emissions baselining project. This baselining data will enable us to set the targets we need for a decarbonisation plan to reach Net Zero by 2040 for all our emissions. Our aim is to bring this target date further forward
  • We published our initial carbon reduction plan, which will be updated as our plans evolve
  • We have launched an environment policy (pdf) for the business, outlining our objectives and commitment to colleagues
  • We shared advice with colleagues to help reduce their carbon footprint at work, through all-staff briefings, directorate meetings and on the intranet
  • We have supported the reduction of our employees’ commuting carbon footprint by supporting hybrid contracts, digital collaborative solutions and a cycle to work scheme
  • We have used government approved recycler nearly 2,000 pieces of IT kit that were recycled or sold on for further use
  • We have maintained gold membership through our Trees for Life partner and have fundraised for them through member events
  • Our events team have prioritised environmental considerations and have minimised plastic use, used an event app instead of printed literature and ensured venues are convenient to public transport
  • We have reduced carbon emissions as a result of decisions made around our website redevelopment

Business ethics

  • Our cross-organisation modern slavery working group are progressing an action plan to improve awareness and processes, including identifying high-risk suppliers and implementing enhanced due diligence in our procurement processes. Further information can be found in our modern slavery statement 2021-22
  • The training that we provide to all staff (including anti-bribery, fraud prevention, modern slavery, and whistleblowing) have been completed by 99.7% of staff
  • We have continued to work with the highest rated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment managers through our investment strategy
  • A diversity and inclusion strategy has been in place this year which has delivered resources, events, and targeted training in inclusive recruitment. We have held awareness raising sessions including autism, ADHD, dyspraxia; Black History all year round; history of the LGBTQ equality movement; and Women working in neurodiversity for International Women’s Day
  • Diversity and inclusion is a core part of a leadership programme that is being delivered across the organisation and additional training has been made available to all staff on menopause, LGBT+ history and inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism
  • We have formalised our affiliation with the Black Leadership Group (BLG) to support Jisc’s anti-racism initiatives and held an initial meeting with trustees
  • We have run focus groups for our Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues, led by third part organisation, to better understand their experiences of working at Jisc
  • We have renewed our efforts to improve the diversity data held on employees which will allow us to set targets and monitor progress. We have published our latest gender pay gap report and will aim to understand our ethnicity pay gap when we have sufficient data to do so. 
  • A further 16 mental health first aiders (MHFA’s) were trained in 2021/22 bringing the total at Jisc to 50. Focus sessions have been run for MHFA’s on race awareness, loneliness, depression, stress, and the menopause
  • We have staff groups focussed on inclusion, and neurodiversity and neurodivergence to support colleagues, along with information and resources which are available on our intranet
  • We have launched a wellbeing allowance of £140 for each Jisc employee to use at Reward Gateway to support their mental and /or physical wellbeing and we continue to offer a health cash plan for all colleagues
  • We take steps to ensure compliance with international sanctions


  • We have increased volunteering days that colleagues can take from one to three days from August 2022, with one of those days designed to be a team-based volunteering opportunity. We have supported colleagues in finding opportunities by maintaining a log of volunteering opportunities and sharing blogs from volunteers to inspire others. We had 97 staff use their allocated volunteering day this year
  • Our payroll giving scheme was launched in December 2021 and we have been awarded the Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award 2022 from Charity Giving
  • We have been working in support of Unseen, a UK-based charity working towards a world without slavery, as our corporate charity this year. We have raised funds through cake sales and have donation points for collecting supplies at our offices. We are planning a sponsored sky dive and a raffle in the near future

Communications and awareness

  • We have appointed 13 CSR champions across all seven directorates as willing and passionate volunteers to gather ideas, raise awareness and report CSR information back to their directorates
  • Our CSR intranet site was launched as a place for staff to find the latest information on how we are delivering our CSR strategy
  • An annual CSR and modern slavery communication plan has been delivered to ensure colleagues receive regular updates and are aware how to get involved to support our activities
  • A Yammer volunteering site has been established with suggestions of opportunities for staff to use their volunteering day
  • A survey on commuting and home working was communicated to the business by out chief executive, encouraging participation so we have a reliable measure of the resulting carbon emissions
  • Many colleagues have written blogs on social responsibility, volunteering, Net Zero and whistleblowing, and we have taken every opportunity through directorate meetings, all hands, and staff updates to communicate to the business what we are doing to become more aware, inclusive, and proactive in our CSR approach
  • We are reviewing our equality, diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) policy, creating a ED&I section on the intranet and 38 colleagues have joined an inclusion group to support the strategic objectives of ED&I at Jisc
  • We have formalised our affiliation with the Black FE Leadership Group (BFELG) and are working to implement their 10-point toolkit including positive messaging and putting anti racism at the core of business initiatives
  • The neurodiversity and neurodivergence group (more than 100 staff) meet for regular meetings and spotlight sessions
  • New employee resource groups have been launched that represent different diversities at Jisc. Third party organisations INvolve and Emerge UK have run focus groups for our Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues and guided our ED&I strategy
  • A leadership programme has also been delivered which has facilitated valuable discussions around diversity
  • Inclusive recruitment workshops, focussing on hiring with conscious inclusion, are held for frequent hiring managers across the business

Our plans for 2022-23

We will continue to build on the progress made in 2021-22, with the support of our corporate social responsibility champions, our working group, and the increasing business support, by taking the following actions: 


  • Develop a decarbonisation plan across all our products and operations that will support us to meet our Net Zero target of 2040 or earlier
  • Set organisation-wide carbon emissions reduction targets based on the 2021-22 emissions baseline supported by interim targets
  • Set product level carbon emissions reduction targets and recommending that these are embedded into performance management goals for product owners
  • Provide carbon literacy training to key staff (including CSR champions, CSR working group members and product owners)
  • Explore a range of initiatives including Science Based Targets and Race to Net Zero (a UN campaign with a Universities and Colleges subgroup) which will be public statements about our credentials and commitment to achieving Net Zero
  • Seek to align with the principles of the ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems standard
  • Continue to generate energy from solar panels at our Bristol office to support energy consumption and continue to advocate the use of sustainable energy suppliers in shared occupancy office space
  • Continue to prioritise environmental responsibility throughout the design and execution of future office refurbishments   
  • Take additional steps to actively promote recycling across our offices and review the need to travel to meetings and events that have been successfully delivered virtually through the pandemic 
  • Continue to include our carbon impact in our Impact in Numbers reporting

Business ethics

  • Embed our enhanced due diligence around modern slavery and environmental issues into procurements in high-risk areas
  • Continue to work through the modern slavery working group to better understand where risks to our environmental and modern slavery commitments may exist and identify areas for review and risk assessment
  • Continue work with suppliers regarding their compliance with our environmental and modern slavery requirements and check compliance during contract periods
  • Use the improved diversity data we hold to inform the development of a clear data-driven strategic target
  • Continue to deliver our diversity and inclusion strategy with support from expert partners
  • Continue the leadership programme and a management recruitment programme focussed around leading and hiring inclusively with a conscious inclusion


  • Create a baseline for all relevant information on Jisc's operational and service delivery emission from all sources (including offsetting)
  • Create an action plan to reach carbon net zero by 2040 (10 years ahead of UK government target date)
  • Work towards achieving net zero for Jisc with all energy use from renewable sources (where we own the building) and work towards off-setting the emissions of our energy use across our estates and all operations, including service provision 
  • Identify compliance gaps with the ISO 14001 standard and use as a framework going forward (Environmental management systems)
  • Prioritise environmental responsibility throughout the design and execution of future office refurbishments   
  • Take additional steps to actively promote recycling across our offices and review the need to travel to meetings and events that have been successfully delivered virtually through the pandemic 
  • Include our carbon impact in our Impact in Numbers reporting
  • Continue to advocate the use of sustainable energy suppliers in shared occupancy office space


  • We will continue to work with Unseen, our corporate charity to fundraise and identify any other mechanisms for supporting the charity.
  • We will seek colleague participation in the selection of our next corporate charity.
  • We will continue to focus on supporting colleagues to find volunteering opportunities and work towards our goal to increase the use of volunteer days across the organisation.
  • We will continue to promote our payroll giving scheme and progress our plans to launch a matched giving approach to enhance the impact of our fundraising


We’ll commit to reporting regularly on progress with our plans to make sure that we are held to account:

  • Corporate social responsibility working group (monthly)
  • Jisc audit and risk management committee (three times each year)
  • Jisc board (annual statement and six-month report)

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