Savings and value

Our impact in numbers shows, at a glance, some of the ways membership makes a difference to your organisation and the sector.

In 2020-21 we've helped you save around £220.2m.

Getting the most out of your membership

We have carried out independent value studies with members to help quantify the value and savings they achieve from our core services. The studies form part of our self-assessment process.

Saving you time

Across the year, members made 555 purchases through our frameworks, saving hundreds of hours by not having to assess suppliers and procure their own products and services.

Single Janet IP connections

Our analysis suggests that on average across all members' and customers' single connections, the likelihood of a service outage is 1 service outage in 3.3 years. We commit to an 8-hour time to resolution and for single connections our mean time to restore service is 8 hours 2 minutes.

Resilient Janet IP connections

Our service level commitment is 99.9%. Our analysis suggests that on average across all members' and customers' resilient connections the likelihood of a service outage is 1 service outage in 16.5 years. We commit to an 8-hour time to resolution and for resilient connections our mean time to restore service is 7 hours 36 minutes.

Saving you money

The transitional open access agreements in place in 2021 enabled the UK academic sector to avoid £55m in open access publishing costs and 31,480 articles to be published immediately in open access.

Jisc licensing have 71 open access agreements available, which support higher education with the transition to open access and enable compliance with UK funder policies whilst also supporting diversity in the marketplace. These currently cover an estimated 87% of UKRI funded output.

During the academic year 2020-21 Jisc saved its higher education members £21.6m: £8m on subscriptions and purchases of digital content and £13.6m in staffing costs for the negotiation of content agreements.

International support

We work globally to support members;  find out more about the breadth of our international activities.  

One example of international support is our global education access framework. Originally established in 2020 to enable students to continue to learn whilst unable to travel back to their UK institution, the framework now supports students who may wish to be educated by a UK institution from their home country (transnational education). The development and operation of the framework has seen:

  • Jisc staff engaging over half of our UK universities to shape and develop our offer
  • Jisc staff spending over 1,000 hours helping members improve access for students specifically studying from China
  • A global reach for the global education access framework 
  • We have developed a network of over 300 members to help share experience and provide peer support

Members have been very positive about this activity and our swift response.

Keeping you safe and secure

We’ve mitigated hundreds of hours of DDoS attacks for members over the year, protecting the sector from outages that could cost a single organisation £3,000 per minute. 

The certificate service has issued 22,767 certificates to 584 organisations, 522 are Jisc members. We have charged certificate service members a total of £785,555.56, using average certificate costs buying the same quantity of certificates on the open market would cost you just under £3 million. The certificate service has saved its members £2.07m which is a 72% saving against retail market prices.

Value studies

The studies focus on five areas: connectivity, cyber security, digital resources, trust and identity, and help and support and provide an analysis of cost savings and costs avoided for each participating organisation. Each participating member organisation brings a different profile that helps us to determine our value across both the FE and HE sectors – and will provide useful benchmarks for other members to compare against.

To calculate cost savings, we used different methods for each of the different products and services. For example, comparing the cost of alternative providers of connectivity and cyber services alongside a comparison of the nature of the services. For digital resources we examined the cost of the agreements in use if we did not provide the discounts and terms and conditions.

All participating member organisations were given the opportunity to agree the methodologies used and approve all the findings.

Read each value study in full and explore how you can get the most out of your membership.

Ayrshire College

“Cyber security critical service protection is a good insurance policy” - Ayrshire College

Runshaw College

“The stability of our underpinning network frees up time to focus on the learning and teaching experience.” - Runshaw College

Coleg Sir Gâr

St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College

Keele University

University of Hertfordshire

University of Sheffield

Value in practice at Cardiff University and UCL

An independent study at two of our member organisations; Cardiff University and University College London, explored the value of the services we offer and how these compare to other providers.

It revealed that everyone in your organisation can benefit from our services and could also save you money; while our co-design approach enables us to develop services that work for you, as well as for the whole sector. 

Read the full case study (pdf).

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