1. Creating a learner's digital passport to better wellbeing

    Schools and colleges gather plenty of data about individual learners' wellbeing, but it is often lost when they move to higher education, impacting a university's ability to provide wellbeing support.

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    Robin Ghurbhurun
    Liam Earney
  2. Research’s AI future is nearly here – are we ready?

    The AI revolution is about to hit the research sector at scale. As we begin to explore the possibilities of AI in research and research management, it’s Jisc’s role to work with members, funders and stakeholders to develop ethical and practical ways of adapting it.

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    Victoria Moody
  3. Does online learning deter university applicants?

    Prospects has surveyed 2,000 UK university students to find out what they think about different modes of study. The results might be a little unexpected, but what can we learn from them?

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    Chris Rea
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