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CORE offers a number of ways to access and manage open data through a set of services.

CORE hosts the world’s largest collection of open access full texts, which are used and referenced by people globally, including researchers, libraries, software developers, funders and many more.

Our aggregated content covers all research disciplines and comes from thousands of institutional and subject repositories and journals.

CORE offers a number of ways to access and manage open data through a set of services.

Content discovery

  • CORE Search: enables users to search and access research papers via an online faceted search interface. 
  • CORE Discovery: is a web browser plugin which allows users to discover the open access version of a paper when faced with a paywall.  
  • CORE Recommender: is a plugin that can be installed in repositories and journal systems to recommend articles to read based on past activity. A recent study conducted by University of Strathclyde showed that users spend 58% longer time in the repository after installing the CORE Recommender.

Content management  

  • CORE Repository Dashboard: provides control over the aggregated content and helps in the management and validation of the repository collections and services. It is a tool designed specifically for repository managers and research outputs administrators who are CORE data providers. For example, you are able to see the percentage of missing DOIs in your repository to assess your Plan S compliance, see when CORE harvests and track any technical issues that happen in the process, and monitor compliance with metadata standards such as RIOXX.
  • CORE Repository Edition: is a premium package containing (1) a premium version of the Repository Dashboard for data enrichment and funder compliance monitoring and (2) guaranteed support for your repository from the CORE team. 

Raw data access

  • CORE API: provides an access point for those who want to develop applications that need to interrogate our large collection of open content. 
  • CORE Dataset: enables users to download all aggregated content from our global network of data providers. The dataset is frequently used in computationally intensive processes for the analysis of research information including the development of AI models.
  • CORE FastSync: provides third parties with fast content synchronisation capability with CORE.

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