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A transparent overview of cyber security costs, with peer benchmarking included – to help you assess levels of protection and identify vulnerabilities.

In research and education it’s vital to allocate resources across the many areas of cyber security so you can cost-effectively protect your users and your reputation.

This service gives you a transparent view of how you are allocating security resources, with peer benchmarking included.

It helps you to balance your efforts across the estate, and address potential security vulnerabilities in the process.

Get a clear overview of cyber security costs

We capture and analyse your cyber security spend and calculate a total cost for each area, divided into staff and non-staff costs. This means you can understand their spread and reach, and, crucially, highlight gaps and vulnerabilities.

  • Results are presented to you in a clear, comprehensive report
  • Includes direct spend on hardware and software
  • Uses “activity-based costing” to capture staff time and enable staff effort to be measured accurately

Time with a security consultant

A Jisc security consultant will present your results to you in person. This is your chance to discuss risks and vulnerabilities and how you might go about mitigating them. Armed with this data, benchmarking and support, you will be able to make practical decisions on cyber security spend.

What next?

In order to collect and analyse this data, we need to spend about an hour each with relevant team leaders and managers inside IT and/or who contribute to cyber security elsewhere in the institution.

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ISO certification

This service is included within the scope of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certificates.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.

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