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Interactive insights: building business intelligence for the HE sector

This event will be a problem space exploration workshop.

  • Five hours
  • Free

This event will be held on

  • 10 May 2022

    Registration closes on 5 May 2022

    • Jisc London office, Fetter Lane
    • 10:30 – 15:30


This is an opportunity to shape new business intelligence content for UK Higher Education strategic planners. This content will be delivered via Heidi Plus.

  • Do you wrestle with business intelligence?
  • Do you yearn for solutions?
  • Are you eager to drive those solutions?
  • Do you dream of being admired* by your peers for years to come?
  • Bring your knowledge and motivation!
  • Pens and refreshments provided.

*Admiration not guaranteed.

Our workshop includes:

  • Group activities to identify pressing problems faced by planners in UK HE
  • Opportunity to network over lunch
  • Group activities to generate business intelligence solutions

Who should attend

  • Enthusiastic representatives from UK higher education providers, including strategic planners and business intelligence professionals
  • People who understand the challenges facing our planning teams, and who want to unlock purposeful and supportive business intelligence
  • Leaders who make data-driven decisions

Due to limited capacity, once registration has been completed, the team will be in touch separately to confirm your place. This means that not all expressions of interest will result in a workshop place.


For further information, please contact