Introduction to GIDEON web application

Find out about the comprehensive infectious diseases database – for research, education, and diagnostics.

  • One hour 30 minutes
  • Online
  • Free

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GIDEON web application is a widely recognised comprehensive infectious diseases database – for research, education, and diagnostics. Over the past three years, GIDEON contributed to 200+ diverse scientific publications.

GIDEON is an excellent teaching tool for biology, microbiology, public health, and medical students and residents. It is used in 164 countries by organisations such as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Public Health England, WHO, ECDC, NATO, Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, McGill University, and hundreds more.

GIDEON is committed to making science accessible to everyone. Having met the rigorous AA-level web accessibility standard, GIDEON is one of the most inclusive scientific applications on the market.

The database is updated every day. A team of highly regarded medical scientists tracks all infectious diseases in 235 countries and territories worldwide. 

The data set includes:

  • Nearly 26,000 outbreaks, going back to 1348 AD
  • 84,000+ prevalence and seroprevalence surveys
  • 36,000+ graphs for visual epidemiological data analysis
  • 23,000+ country notes for each disease
  • 30,000+ vaccine and anti-infective drugs trade names
  • 2,000+ pathogens
  • 3,000+ images
  • 260,000+ in-build references, saving years of manual research work

In addition to the web application, GIDEON maintains an API and a free R statistical programming language package to support researchers who conduct data modelling work.

Who should attend

  • Any member of staff in higher education and further education institutions


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