OA monograph myth busting one: compliance vs. culture

Join us to explore the wider benefits of open access for books.

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In August 2021, UKRI launched a new open access policy, which for the first time includes a provision for long form scholarly works including monographs, book chapters and edited collections published from 1 January 2024. In preparation for policy implementation, a collaboration of UK university presses, supported by Jisc, have come together to hold a series of online events about the myths around open access for books, as well as to address legitimate concerns and suggest ways to remove barriers to open access publishing.

This online event is the first of three sessions. Session one will look at the wider benefits of open access for books in order to engage hearts and minds. Policy and compliance will be described as a means to achieve the wider goal of effective and barrierless scholarly communications through open access. To this end, open access is not the goal for its own sake, rather, it is the means by which a scholarly communications culture where the value of every piece of research is maximised in terms of how it can be accessed by everyone and also how it can be used and reused to further the conversation in new ways.


Introduction to the webinar series and today's session

  • Caren Milloy, Director of Licensing, Jisc

Overview of the UKRI policy.

  • Tahia Zaidi, Policy Advisor, UK Research and Innovation

Why is Open Access for Monographs Important for Researchers? From Compliance to Culture.

This presentation will examine the motivators and benefits for researchers in publishing open access, drawing on a range of responses gathered from authors of open access monographs and published research on the impact of OA.

  • Emma Gallon, Books Manager, University of London Press

Supporting Open Access for Monographs: the Library perspective.

This presentation will give a brief overview of the alternative models to the BPC that are emerging, and explain how and why libraries are supporting them.

  • Sarah Thompson, Head of Content and Open Research, University of York

Audience Q&A

Wrap up, further resources, brief overview of the following sessions


Who should attend

  • Researchers/Academics, across all career levels
  • Librarians/Scholarly Communications Managers
  • Research Offices
  • Rights holders


For further information, please contact events@jisc.ac.uk.


Why is Open Access for Monographs Important for Researchers?

  • Dr Emma Gallon (Books Manager, University of London Press)

Supporting OA for Monographs: the Library perspective

  • Sarah Thompson, Head of Content and Open Research, University of York

UKRI Open Access Policy

  • Tahia Zaidi, Senior Strategy Advisor