Research network engineering community meeting

Sharing best practices in building network infrastructures to support cutting edge research.

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Researchers at Janet-connected sites often have challenging network requirements. One notable case is an ever-increasing need for them to move large volumes of data to other organisations on Janet or beyond. The systems and network engineering knowledge required to design, build and operate effective platforms for such data transfers is not insignificant.

In this meeting we seek to initiate a new member community on the topic of “Research network engineering”. The broad aim is to discuss and share best practices in research networking, bringing together those with experience in the area with those who may be new to the subject, along with engineers and performance specialists from Jisc.

Topics might include examples of Science DMZ implementations, how to gather network performance measurements and comparisons of software transfer tools. Ultimately, we hope to enable all Jisc members to make optimal use of the Janet connection to support their research requirements.

This initial meeting will present information on the Janet network, discuss an example of data transfer tests run from a university site and briefly introduce the transfer test facilities that Jisc provides. We will leave plenty of time for discussion, not least on how we might progress future meetings and ideas for specific topics to include.

Who should attend

This community event will be of interest to:

  • Network managers
  • Campus network engineers
  • Campus IT staff supporting data intensive research
  • Members of research communities seeking to share large volumes of data

No level of prior experience in the area is assumed.

Please note that this event is not for commercial organisations. Any commercial representatives registering as delegates will have their registration cancelled.


For further information, please contact events@jisc.ac.uk.

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