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Research network infrastructure engineers

This session will seek to establish a community amongst the engineers tasked with building campus infrastructure to support large-scale data transfers to other Janet sites and beyond.

  • One hour
  • Online
  • Free

This event will be held on


At Networkshop 50 we saw examples of the research being undertaken that requires large-scale data transfers between Janet sites and beyond. To address this requirement, we propose a community of research network infrastructure engineers who together can establish and share best practices and experiences in designing local campus network architectures, building performant data transfer nodes, implementing security policy while not hampering performance, and running persistent network monitoring in support of such transfers.

Join us in this online session to share your ideas on how we might make this happen and what would work best for you.

Who should attend?

The research network infrastructure engineer community welcomes those with experience or new to the topic of supporting large-scale research data storage and movement, and extends to anyone whose role touches the area, including:

  • Campus network managers
  • Network architects and engineers
  • Research support groups and staff
  • Network storage managers and administrators
  • IT operations managers
  • IT staff
  • Security officers
  • Network and performance monitoring staff


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Presentation slides for research network infrastructure engineers