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Tech 2 Tech - What's new from the IETF?

Shaping the future of the Janet Network.

  • One hour
  • Online
  • Free

This event will be held on

  • 08 February 2023

    • Online
    • 14:30 – 15:30


The Internet works through use of common, interoperable standards. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the de-facto standards organisation for producing network and transport layer networking standards. It also documents many operational best practices. In this session we’ll include topics such as:

  • How does the IETF work as an open standards body, and how can you take part?
  • What are the hot topics currently being discussed in the IETF working groups?
  • What are the potential implications of relatively recently published protocols such as QUIC and DNS over HTTP (DoH) on Janet-connected campus network operations?

Who should attend

This Tech 2 Tech event will be of interest to:

  • Network managers
  • Technical network staff
  • IT operations managers
  • Senior network engineers

Your organisation must be connected to the Janet Network to attend this online event.

Please note that this event is not for commercial organisations. Any commercial representatives registering as delegates will have their registration cancelled.


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