What is the role of chatbots in tertiary education?

Join this online workshop to find out more about the role of chatbots in tertiary education.

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Chatbots offer institutions a new way of connecting with their staff and students. We have seen cases where students are able to raise everyday queries to their chatbots, thereby freeing up precious capacity for administrative teams. In other instances, by drawing out information from students as part of a two-way conversation, chatbots are being used as an interactive alternative to form filling. Elsewhere, these technologies are supporting students' rounded development by facilitating engagement with extra-curricular activities. But what role should chatbots play in your institution?

In this event, we work together to explore our perspectives on the role of chatbots in tertiary education. After a collaborative workshop, you will hear from our guest speaker, Tim Coughlan, Senior Lecturer at The Open University about their experience with designing and implementing chatbots.

Who should attend

  • We hope that a wide range of people will take part in this session: from educators and librarians, to those working in student services and professional services.

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