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Easily record and report on open access compliance and cost.

Monitor Local helps higher education institutions (HEIs) track research outputs, validate compliance with funder mandates, and manage related costs like article processing charges (APCs) in one easy-to-use interface.

It's an online system that allows them to record and report on data relating to the publication of open access research outputs by their academics, including both ‘gold’ and ‘green’ publication routes.

In order to help organisations understand the national picture, Monitor Local also pushes key data to Monitor UK allowing them to review and interrogate data relating to the publication of open access outputs across the UK.

For institutions

  • Evaluate how effectively you are complying with research funding bodies, notably the policy on open access and the Research Excellence Framework (REF)
  • Establish the total cost of open access (OA) to your organisation using data visualisations and bespoke reports
  • Save time and cover gaps in expertise, for example, by automating data collection and validation 

"Monitor Local will enable us to manage the financial reporting element of APCs much better, and to track all our requests much more easily. It also has the advantage that this information can be fed into Monitor UK directly and we will then have a much improved picture of open access publishing at a national level."

Paul Johnson, University of Reading

For repository and library staff

  • Manage all the information about your institution’s published outputs of different types in one place, including information on author(s), publisher, funding and compliance with licences
  • Gain efficiency when dealing with large volumes of research outputs and financial information
  • Automate onerous tasks such as compliance checking, but with the reassurance that human intervention will be triggered when necessary
  • Flag records for review by a qualified person for each compliance measure, ensuring an evidenced approach
  • Track the invoice workflow in one place to ensure efficient payments
  • Quickly create reports on research output spending and activity for senior leadership teams to allow them to make better-informed decisions 

Who benefits from Monitor Local?

  • Repository support staff
  • Research managers and administrators
  • Library staff

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