Networkshop 2023

In June we explored the networking revolution with a world-class community of IT leaders, technicians and industry experts.

We are at the dawn of a new age

Next generation networking is software-defined with multi-cloud technologies set against a backdrop of cyber security and net zero challenges. It will redefine how you deliver services across education and research.

Networkshop 2023 speakers shared current best practice, the latest future thinking and great innovations.

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Enabling digital infrastructure transformation

The Networkshop 2023 programme covered:

  • The evolution of secure, sustainable next generation networks
  • Net zero innovation
  • How network security drives digital transformation
  • Upskilling staff and tackling resourcing

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Next generation networking

Redefining how you deliver services across education and research.

Steve Masters, Jisc chief technology officer

"If you’re an IT decision-maker in FE or HE, or indeed any public service organisation, you need to be at Networkshop. It’s never been a more exciting time in networking, and Networkshop will equip you to respond rapidly to your changing infrastructure needs to support an agile learning and research environment."

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