Applications open for OpenAthens UX Award 2024Publishers and other library service vendors are invited to submit applications for the fifth annual UX Award by 17 November 2023.
Jisc security conference 2023 focuses on strengthening defences for the benefit of allProgramme for this year's security conference is now live.
Imagine the future of education and research at Digifest 2024Registration for Jisc’s annual teaching, learning and research event is now open.
Jisc releases pivotal toolkit to guide higher education towards digital transformationWe've released a trio of resources to help universities make strategic moves towards a digital future.
Devices owned by new students may pose a risk to campus networksColleges and universities are being warned to carefully check for malware on any device owned by newly enrolled students.
Remote Laboratories wins Jisc sponsored ALT award for digital transformationUniversity of Edinburgh team triumphs with remote experiments accessible anytime, anywhere.
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Without intervention, AI could widen the digital divide for studentsAccess to education is a basic human right for all.
It’s never too late to learn about AI and how it can improve educationFirst steps in AI: how Jisc is helping colleges and universities start their journey on the right foot.
How is Jisc supporting universities to make digital transformation achievable?While it’s true that all universities are transforming digitally, the process is far from uniform.
Creating a learner's digital passport to better wellbeingSchools and colleges gather plenty of data about individual learners' wellbeing, but it is often lost when they move to higher education, impacting a university's ability to provide wellbeing support.
Institutions have the tools needed for sustainable change: the key is turning ideas into strategyEnvironmental sustainability as a concept is not new. Colleges and universities have long considered how to minimise waste and make practices more efficient, not only for the good of the planet, but also to reduce costs.
Research’s AI future is nearly here – are we ready?The AI revolution is about to hit the research sector at scale. As we begin to explore the possibilities of AI in research and research management, it’s Jisc’s role to work with members, funders and stakeholders to develop ethical and practical ways of adapting it.
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Empowering communities: a celebration of bringing people together in 2022/23Celebrating a year of Jisc's community champions.
Universities use pandemic lessons to re-think curriculum and learning design“We're still talking about blended learning - but the ingredients have moved on” says author of new Jisc report.
Making the most of student feedback - the ultimate organisational essentialThe 10th iteration of Jisc’s Change Agents’ Network conference (CAN) conference shone a light on quite how much has changed for students, the difficulties they face and the need for education providers to stay au fait with what life is like for students now.
Digital kintsugi: a five-step approach to digital developmentApplying kintsugi (the Japanese art of pottery repair) philosophy to digital transformation in education.
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Member stories

Curiosity and culture: blending digital and physical at the University of NorthamptonWhen the university's new town centre campus opened, it was an unmissable opportunity to integrate digital innovation into the physical design of the campus and the student offer. But the success of such an extensive change programme depends on a third element: culture.
How UCL is redesigning assessment for the AI ageUCL is reimagining assessment and feedback in response to the rise of generative AI and the opportunities and challenges it brings.
Greenwich’s five steps to digital strategy successThe University of Greenwich has successfully developed a culture of digital transformation that runs right through the university. Find out their five steps to success.
Simmersive Staffordshire: bringing together people, place and pedagogy for practising clinical skillsImagine you’re a student nurse about to put a needle into a patient’s vein: your first ever intravenous cannula. How would you introduce yourself to the patient, allay their nerves, explain what you’re about to do, prepare the equipment and then perform the physical procedure?
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Research talk Is AI for me? Perspectives from the humanities - enriching research with computational methods

Our ‘Is AI for me? Perspectives from the humanities’ miniseries returns with part four with guest Leif Isaksen and guest host, Peter Findlay.

Beyond the Technology: demonstrating digital transformation - beyond blended - post-pandemic curriculum and learning design

Elizabeth Newall welcomes Helen Beetham and Sheila MacNeill to discuss rethinking learning and curriculum design in higher education in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to adapt to new challenges.
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Beyond blendedThis report follows the second phase of research into curriculum and learning design in Higher Education (HE) in the UK, which was conducted between November 2022 and July 2023.
Student perceptions of generative AIThis report looks at how students are currently using generative AI and explores its potential impact on their learning experience.
National centre for AI pilotsFrom a chatbot for student queries to a virtual reality interview simulator, read about the outcomes of our completed artificial intelligence pilot projects.
Generative AI - a primerAn introduction to generative artificial intelligence technology and its implications on education.
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