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    Beyond blended

    This report follows the second phase of research into curriculum and learning design in Higher Education (HE) in the UK, which was conducted between November 2022 and July 2023.

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    National centre for AI pilots

    From a chatbot for student queries to a virtual reality interview simulator, read about the outcomes of our completed artificial intelligence pilot projects.

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    Generative AI - a primer

    An introduction to generative artificial intelligence technology and its implications on education.

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    The economic benefits of Jisc

    Independent research interrogating how Jisc supports and benefits the tertiary education and research sectors, the money we save members and how we generate economic value for the UK.

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    Collaborative approaches in the Welsh post-16 sector

    Jisc is working in partnership with Welsh Government to drive forward Digital 2030, which aims to see learning providers in Wales harness the potential of digital technology underpinned by principles of innovation, collaboration, co-production and social partnership.

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