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Digital experience insights survey 2019: findings from students in UK further and higher education

A detailed picture of how students experience technology as part of their learning in colleges and universities across the UK.


The digital experience insights student survey 2019 shares information from students at 50 UK institutions - including 13,389 students in further education (FE), 14,525 based on-campus in higher education (HE), and 1,617 online HE learners. Participants describe their attitude towards technologies and their digital learning experiences.

Key findings include:

  • Only 40% in FE and 42% in HE feel their course prepares them for the digital workplace
  • Less than half of the FE students surveyed (49%) and only 70% of campus-based HE respondents agree that digital skills are needed in their chosen career
  • Overall, satisfaction levels are high, with 70% of FE students and 75% of those studying on-campus in HE rating the quality of digital teaching and learning on their course as ‘good’, ‘excellent’ or ‘best imaginable'
  • Around seven in ten students in HE and six in ten in FE agree that, when digital is used, they understand things better and enjoy learning more
  • Just 53% of FE students and 70% of HE students agree that their institution supports them to use their own digital devices

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About the authors

Tabetha Newman
Tabetha Newman
Director and principal researcher at Timmus Limited.
Helen Beetham
Helen Beetham
Researcher at University of Wolverhampton
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Mark Langer-Crame
Senior data intelligence analyst (team lead), Jisc
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Clare Killen
Senior consultant, Jisc
I work primarily with digital experience insights service and Jisc online surveys. We focus on supporting members and customers by providing data analytics and services which enrich the student experience and provide powerful business intelligence and analysis to providers from further and higher education.
Sarah Knight
Sarah Knight
Head of learning and teaching transformation, higher education, Jisc