From technology enabled teaching to digitally enhanced learning: a new perspective for HE

From fixes to foresight: Jisc and Emerge Education insights for universities and startups.

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After two years of significant change, learning and teaching in higher education is at a pivotal point.

This report takes a snapshot of the current state of play, first explored in Jisc’s Learning and teaching reimagined initiative (2020) and the Jisc/Emerge reports Digital learning rebooted (2020) and Technology-enabled teaching and learning at scale (2021).

We paint a picture of a sector in a state of tension as it moves back to widespread on-campus learning and teaching while seeking to retain some of the advantages delivered by the digital innovations introduced during the pandemic.

Universities are negotiating this change against a backdrop of multiple and varied pressures, some of which are pulling in different directions:

  • Staff fatigue
  • Regulatory and political pressures
  • Demographic changes
  • The demand to move to environmentally sustainable practices
  • Changing use of physical and digital estates
  • Legacy technology
  • The data challenge
  • Staff and student digital capabilities

However, this time has also seen a wealth of positive changes and good practice and we highlight a handful of those, for example:

  • Inclusivity and accessibility
  • Greater openness to innovation
  • Enhanced staff and student digital skills
  • Embedded skills for employability
  • Changes to assessment

We show these changes in action through mini case studies from Queen Mary University of London, Keele University, the University of Central Lancashire and Pearson College.

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About this series of reports

This report is part of series from Jisc and Emerge Education examining the most urgent priorities to be faced by university senior leaders over the next three years. They explore how edtech startups may provide the innovation and agility needed to navigate these rapidly changing times and build a future-resilient higher education sector. Other reports in the series include:

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