National centre for AI pilots

From a chatbot for student queries to a virtual reality interview simulator, read about the outcomes of our completed artificial intelligence pilot projects.

The National centre for AI in tertiary education (NCAI) aims to support Jisc’s members with the ethical and effective adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance education. A key area of the NCAI team’s work is running pilots of promising AI tools. These allow Jisc members to gain direct experience of implementing AI whilst enabling the NCAI team to evaluate different AI products. Here you can read the outcomes of these projects, exploring the strengths and promises of various products – see what AI tools work well and in what circumstances.

NCAI pilots are open to Jisc member institutions, all information regarding upcoming pilots is shared via the NCAI Jiscmail channel and the NCAI blog.

Student Voice

Student Voice provide a service using machine learning to automatically analyse student comments. This can be used to process large amounts of student feedback meaning more time is available to act on that feedback and improve student experience. In this pilot, we evaluated participant’s experiences with the Student Voice service in comparison to their existing methods for analysing National Student Survey (NSS) data.

Read the full Student Voice report (pdf).


Graide is an end to end assessment tool which utilises AI to assist with marking and feedback for STEM subjects. Graide suggests feedback to the marker based on previously graded answers, and continuously improves its suggestions based on the marker’s input. In this pilot, we evaluated how Graide might reduce time spent marking whilst improving the quality of feedback.

Read the outcomes from our Graide pilot.


Our chatbot, based on Bolton College’s Ada, was piloted by four UK colleges. The chatbot was tailored for each institution to respond to a range of common student queries with the intention of improving student experience and reducing staff workload.

Read the outcomes from our chatbot pilot.


Bodyswaps combines virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence to create immersive simulations which help learners to develop their soft skills. This pilot was undertaken as a roadshow, which visited five institutions where participating students experienced Bodyswaps’ job simulator modules.

Read the full Bodyswaps pilot report (pdf).