Jisc trustees’ report and financial statements

The trustees present their strategic report and audited consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31 July 2022.

Trustees report front cover

Each year, our trustees report on the progress we have made in delivering our strategy by highlighting some key achievements and sharing our financial performance for the previous year. 

This year, our report explains how we have continued to support our members with the robust Janet network and a range of cyber security services, how we have worked to support UKRI’s Open Access policy with a large number of open access agreements and how we support over 5 million end users through OpenAthens. 

We have also been looking at the carbon impact of digital technology to guide members on their carbon reduction journeys, as well as understanding our own carbon footprint to inform a clear plan for decarbonisation of our activities. 

You will also find information about our funding model, how we are governed and managed and how our organisation operates. 

Download the full report (pdf)

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