Student voter registration

Students discuss work on campus.

Enable your students to vote in national and local elections.

We will be retiring the student voter registration service on 31 July 2023. Only existing subscribers and participating local authorities will have access to the service until then, we are not accepting new sign ups. 

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Promoting your students’ civic engagement and encouraging them to take part in democratic processes is an important part of your organisation’s wider role in preparing them for their future lives.

Registration with the Office for Students requires English higher education (HE) providers to take steps to facilitate the electoral registration of students.

To register students to vote, institutions need to liaise with the electoral registrars where their students live. This can be complex for individual institutions to administer, particularly when multiple electoral registrars are involved.

Developed in consultation with the Academic Registrars Council (ARC) and the Association of Heads of University Administration (AHUA), this shared service provides a simple way for students to register to vote and helps your organisation achieve compliance with the Office of Students' requirements in an easy and cost-effective way.

Benefits to your organisation

Our service can help you to:

  • Encourage students to engage with the democratic process
  • Increase efficiency – save the time and money you’d spend on developing and maintaining your own system
  • Facilitate compliance with the Office of Students' mandatory requirement for facilitating electoral registration

Key features

  • Developed and operated by Jisc on behalf on the sector
  • Fully compliant with the GDPR and operated from our secure data centres
  • Seamless, secure data transfer via UK Access Management Federation
  • Monthly reports showing aggregated, anonymised data, enabling registrars to track progress and benchmark it across the sector

Terms and conditions

ISO certification

This service is included within the scope of our ISO27001 certificate.

Read more about International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards and view Jisc certificates.

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