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Computers, privacy and the law

An online course for staff who develop or operate shared systems.

  • Online
  • Three sessions
  • Six hours
  • £300 - £450 + VAT

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    The people who use your university or college services have legal and ethical rights to privacy.

    If students and staff aren’t confident that your institution understands, respects and supports these rights they won’t use your shared systems, and the systems’ potential to improve learning outcomes and business operations won’t be realised.

    Questions we'll explore include:

    • How do you make sure that people can see their privacy is being protected?
    • Do you recognise what they might consider a breach of privacy?
    • How can you minimise the frequency and impact of any breaches – and communicate effectively when these occur?

    Engaging, highly practical training – without leaving your desk

    In three, two-hour online sessions we’ll look at developing an informed understanding of privacy, improving standards of privacy in institutions and some practical next steps.

    Along the way you’ll tackle two assignments and a self-study session that offer opportunities to think about how privacy issues affect your own organisation.

    By the end of the programme you’ll have seen how privacy issues often play out in real-life university and college situations and you’ll have some new ideas and insights to use in developing your own systems, processes and policies in ways that respect privacy and inspire trust.

    The programme

    In each of the live sessions, you can expect a mix of online presentations and interactive chat. Get the most from the programme by taking an active part and sharing your issues and solutions.

    You’ll need to complete three sessions and an assignment after session one and session two to successfully progress through the programme

    We provide all the course materials, as well as 12 months of online support afterwards

    Apply all of this knowledge to scenarios you’re likely to encounter in the workplace

    Session preparation and setup

    These sessions are delivered over Adobe Connect, which you can access using the Adobe Connect app or directly via your browser.

    Further detailed instructions will be sent following booking.

    Who should attend

    Staff, and their managers, who are responsible for shared systems such as computers, networks and databases, and whose access to systems and data could affect the privacy of their users.

    What we cover

    • What privacy really means in the legal context
    • The need to balance privacy with other rights
    • Techniques that you can use to reduce invasions of privacy
    • Some of the purposes that the law recognises as justification for breaching privacy

    Training outcomes

    You’ll be prepared to:

    • Assess the privacy impact – and the benefits – of a proposed action
    • Assess internal requests that could affect privacy
    • Name the laws that regulate the release of private information
    • Explain the principles of handling evidence
    • Explain issues around possession of illegal material
    • Describe issues raised by employment law
    • Apply all of this knowledge to scenarios you’re likely to encounter in the workplace

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    Pricing and eligibility

    • Jisc members - £300 + VAT
    • Non member , not-for-profit - £350 + VAT
    • Other organisations - £450 + VAT

    VAT information

    Jisc members: typically publicly funded FE, HE and research institutions.

    Not-for-profit, non-members: Eligible local government, public sector, private/independent education providers and non-profit customers.

    Other organisations: Eligible local government, public sector, private/independent education providers and non-profit customers.

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