Developing learners’ employability skills

Prepare your learners to thrive in their future careers.

  • Online
  • One session
  • Two hours
  • £95 - £150 + VAT

This course will be held on

  • 19 October 2023

    • Online
    • 10:00 – 12:00
  • 25 January 2024

    • Online
    • 10:00 – 12:00
  • 30 May 2024

    • Online
    • 10:00 – 12:00


Developing learners’ employability skills is a key driver for organisations that want to prepare their learners for the 21st century workplace. In this online workshop, you will explore ways in which technology-enhanced learning can support and build on learners’ employability skills, knowledge and experience.

The workshop will provide you with a range of activities to use with learners, so you can make informed decisions when using tools and technologies that will help them succeed in the modern digital world.

You will be able to take away the associated resources and complete, reflect on and follow up the activities in your own time. You will also be able to use these resources to run similar workshops in your own organisational settings.


  • Share good practice and learn from others from within the education community
  • Take away materials and skills to share with your teams 
  • One year of online support following the course
  • Learn with Jisc subject specialists

Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at careers and curriculum staff and other professionals involved in supporting the employability and support needs of learners (for example, from employability teams, the library, learning technology or learning support).

What we cover

The workshop will cover the following:

  • You will consider key employability skills, knowledge and experience and how technology-enhanced learning can support and develop each of these
  • From work readiness and lifelong learning, through to professional skills and knowledge, and authentic experience; we will explore how technology can enhance and improve the way that students learn, reflect and network
  • We will share examples of practical activities that can be done in the classroom or at a distance that build up employability skills in all these areas
  • You will reflect on current organisational practices and share and address challenges

Training outcomes

You will:

  • Explore the Jisc model of employability skills
  • Identify barriers to employability
  • Understand how technology-enhanced learning can support and develop these skills
  • Share examples of technology-based activities that can be done in the classroom or at a distance
  • Reflect on current organisational practices
  • Share and address challenges

Earn digital credentials for this course

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Pricing and eligibility

  • Jisc members - £95 + VAT
  • Non-member - not-for-profit - £115 + VAT
  • Other organisations - £150 + VAT

Member types and VAT information

  • Jisc members - Typically publicly funded FE, HE and Research institutions
  • Non-members - Eligible local government, public sector, private/independent education providers and non-profit customers
  • Other organisations - All non-member commercial partners
  • VAT - charged at 20% of the value of the service. If you are a member of Jisc’s VAT-exempt cost sharing group, and you are able to provide confirmation of the exact taxable/exempt use of the service, we will be able to reduce the amount of VAT chargeable to reflect the taxable business use proportion of the service only. This additional information is required as a result of a change to HMRC policy. Please contact if you require more information.


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