Digital leaders programme

Develop the skills to become a digitally-informed and empowered leader.

  • Online or in person
  • 4-8 sessions
  • Four days
  • £950 - £1,475 + VAT

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    What to expect

    This course offers a variety of sessions and exercises to help you develop as a digital leader.

    You will work together with like-minded peers, discovering the tools to help you lead your organisation to engage effectively and creatively with digital technology at both strategic and operational levels. You will learn to lead, manage and influence digitally driven change across organisations, departments, services, and teams.

    You will explore and reflect on how digital technology is changing the way organisations operate – creating new leadership challenges and strategic opportunities. You will complete the programme feeling confident in your expertise and able to positively impact your organisation’s digital journey. 

    Key features

    • Develop skills for digital leadership
    • Earn digital credentials for completed skills
    • Constantly evolving programme content following latest practice for digital technology
    • Offering a variety of sessions, exercises and tools
    • Opportunities to actively collaborate, share experiences and network


    The digital leaders programme is constantly evolving to keep it up to date with latest good practice for digital technology. Although some details may change and adapt, the course remains underpinned by the themes below.

    Mapping digital

    Work together to explore the definitions and focus of digital leadership, considering how leaders can assist complex organisations in meeting challenges. We cover the importance of digital practice and presence, and what this means for making effective change.

    Digital transformation

    We explore a variety of challenges and opportunities that digital leaders encounter. We encourage you to consider alternative strategies and approaches to implement and secure successful change through co-design, collaboration and effective digital leadership.

    Understanding your organisation

    We use narrative storytelling and a design thinking approach in order to explore digital transformation in further detail. Learn useful techniques and strategies that can help influence successful behavioural and cultural change through building capability.

    Becoming a digital leader

    An opportunity to explore how digital leaders can make space for innovation within an organisation and develop a culture and vision to best support it. We pull together all the themes of the programme in order to consider approaches to change management, develop a strategic vision and formulate a practical roadmap for action.

    Our video explains what makes an effective digital leader and how we can support you wherever you are on your leadership journey.

    Earn digital credentials for this course

    By taking part in this course you can earn completed, demonstrated and implemented digital credentials.

    Programme options

    Offered in person, online or a combination of both, the programme uses effective digital technologies and an active learning approach. Our course provides participants with the opportunity to actively collaborate, share experiences and network while engaging in reflective practice.

    In-person learning

    Get together with like-minded peers in a relaxed environment with plenty of opportunities for networking. The programme is delivered over four days, split across two consecutive weeks and is usually located at one of our Jisc offices. Price includes lunch and refreshments. Accommodation should be booked separately.

    Course fees

    • Jisc members (FE, HE and research institutions): £1150 + VAT
    • Non-profits (eligible local government, public sector, independent education providers and non-profit customers): £1400 + VAT
    • Commercial organisations (non-member commercial partners): £1900 + VAT


    Our online learning option offers the benefit to fully engage from home or office with reduced travel time and cost. The online programme is made up of eight sessions on Tuesdays (10:00-12:00) and Thursdays (14:00-16:00). All sessions are recorded allowing you to review content at your convenience.

    Sign up for our next online sessions taking place from 12 September to 5 October 2023.

    Course fees

    • Jisc members (FE, HE and research institutions): £950 + VAT
    • Non-profits (eligible local government, public sector, independent education providers and non-profit customers): £1125 + VAT
    • Commercial organisations (non-member commercial partners): £1475 + VAT

    Bespoke in-house

    We can also offer a bespoke in-house version of the digital leaders programme for your institution. This can be delivered either in person, online or a combination of both.

    Course fees

    Available on application

    Alumni experiences

    • “I wanted to do something that would give me more confidence"
      Alicia Owen, digital learning manager at Wrexham Glyndŵr University, is using her experience of the digital leaders programme to drive forward change in her organisation.
    • "It's given me a better understanding of digital technologies"
      Dr Alison Lawson, head of the division of marketing and operations at Derby Business School, shares her experience of the programme alongside other alumni.
    • "The programme enables you to meet like-minded people"
      Jo Loss and Paula Kilburn, from Essex Adult Community Learning and the Education Training Collective, share their top tips for navigating the online digital leaders programme.