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eduroam fundamentals

How to configure user equipment and solve some of the issues your users may face.

  • In person
  • One day
  • £300 - £500 + VAT

This course will be held on

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    eduroam enables network login anywhere using your own username and password, regardless of location, without the need for guest account set up. eduroam is available at participating organisations over wifi and (depending on the site) at dedicated wired ethernet and/or designated guest workstations.

    The course provides delegates with an understanding of how eduroamUK operates at both basic technical and support levels. This includes an overview of how to configure user equipment and solve some of the issues those users might face.

    We go on to explore the configuration of wireless and wired clients for use on the eduroamUK service, details of the logfile examination and methods of fault finding and reporting.


    • Share good practice and learn from others from within academic networking
    • Tailored course specifically designed for Janet Network-connected organisations
    • One year of online support following the course

    Who should attend

    This course will be relevant to those tasked with supporting an eduroamUK service within their organisation. This might include support staff wanting to learn more about user equipment and secure wireless configuration and service managers examining what their support staff need to know.

    Delegates should have an understanding of networking, wireless technology and authentication. Knowledge of how their organisation stores user credentials would be of benefit.

    What we cover

    • Overview of eduroam and eduroamUK
    • RADIUS and the eduroam authentication infrastructure
    • EAP and 802.1X
    • Supplicants and configuring clients
    • Common issues and how to debug them
    • Support obligations for eduroamUK sites
    • Basic eduroam security

    Training outcomes

    On completion of this one day course, delegates will be able to:

    • Describe what EAP and 802.1X are, where they are used and why they are important
    • Describe how 802.1X authentication works and what the key components are
    • Describe what RADIUS is, its origins and use today
    • Describe how 802.1X and RADIUS can securely authenticate a user on the other side of the world
    • Identify what a supplicant is
    • Apply their knowledge of supplicant configuration to facilitate the setup of Microsoft Windows XP/Vista, Apple OS X and Linux
    • Describe the importance of certificates and validating your RADIUS server
    • Describe the support requirements for a site regarding its own users and identify the support requirements for a site regarding visitors

    Trust and identity consultancy

    Our targeted, bespoke support give you peace of mind that eduroam is configured correctly and properly maintained.

    Pricing and eligibility

    • Jisc members - £300 + VAT
    • Other organisations - £500 + VAT


    For more information or to register your interest for future dates, email or phone 01235 822242.