Heidi Plus masterclass

Your questions answered by our Heidi Plus experts.

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    Are you a user of Heidi Plus with questions about the system? Perhaps you'd like to know how to answer a particular question, how to create a visualisation type, or you're struggling with a feature. This masterclass will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered by Heidi Plus experts.

    The masterclasses run at regular intervals throughout the year. They are in addition to the Heidi Plus new user clinics, which focus on essential functionality and ‘making a start’. The new user clinics are aimed at those beginning to use the system, whereas the masterclasses cover topics for more advanced and experienced users.

    The masterclasses do not replace the ongoing support provided by the customer success team, but they should be a useful additional opportunity to share best practice.

    We encourage you to submit questions below so that we have relevant topics to consider and cover in future sessions. Each masterclass will close with an update on any Heidi Plus developments and scheduled data releases.

    Submit your question for future masterclass dates.

    Who should attend

    Silver and Gold Heidi Plus users, with some experience of using the Heidi Plus system.

    Training outcomes

    • Receive support and advice from our leading Heidi Plus experts
    • Learn new techniques you may not have used before
    • Find out how other organisations and analysts are using Heidi Plus
    • Keep up to date with the latest system developments and data releases

    Joining the masterclass

    The masterclass will be hosted on Zoom, which you can access through the link provided.


    For more information, email