How immersive learning including VR can be used to support SEN students

An engaging panel discussion bringing together experts from across education to navigate the challenges and benefits of using immersive learning platforms such as virtual reality to support students with special educational needs.

  • Online
  • One hour
  • Free

This course will be held on

  • 15 June 2023

    This webinar will be run in Teams and opens from 12:15.

    • Online
    • 12:30 – 13:30


  • This will be an introduction to an example of learning in the Metaverse
  • Talking through the Metaverse Learning consortia model
  • Demonstrating its products and hub
  • Outlining impact on learners, tutors and institutions
  • Q&A

Who should attend?

  • Heads of Departments across FE
  • SEN specialists
  • SEN leads
  • Principals
  • Vice Principals
  • Assistant Principals

Benefit/learning outcomes of the sessions

  • To have a better understanding of how immersive learning including VR can be used to support SEN students 
  • To understand the challenge and benefits of using immersive learning including VR within SEN education 

What will be covered

  • General introduction
  • Demonstrations
  • Q&A

The panel for the call is:

Jason Holt, CEO, Metaverse Learning

Nigel Newbutt, Researcher in Immersive Technologies, VR Autism and Special Educational Needs, Director of the Equitable Learning Technology Lab at the University of Florida

Laura Sheerman, Education Technologist - Virtual Reality (PhD Student)

Sarah Terry, Head of Learning Support, Warwickshire College


For more information, email or phone 01235 822242.