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IPv6 fundamentals

A basic introduction to IPv6 and the differences between the IPv6 and IPv4 protocols.

  • One-day course
  • £350 - £500 + VAT

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    IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the common protocol underpinning all internet communications. IPv6 will ultimately supersede the current version, IPv4, in order to accommodate the rapid growth of the internet.

    The aim of this course is to provide a basic introduction to IPv6. This will include the evolution of IPv6 and the differences between the IPv6 and IPv4 protocols.

    IPv6 address allocations are explained in the context of the Janet Network, along with information on the deployment of IPv6 and how to manage and monitor IPv6 traffic.

    Throughout the course, delegates are shown demonstrations, given practical exercises, and will participate in group discussion.

    The course will be delivered by Tim Chown, network development manager at Jisc.


    • Share good practice and learn from others from within academic networking
    • Tailored course specifically designed for Janet Network-connected organisations
    • One-year online support following the course
    • High-quality materials
    • Learn from subject matter experts within the Janet Network community
    • Affordable prices
    • All course materials, equipment provided

    A very informative day, well presented and enjoyable.
    Feedback from course participant

    Who should attend

    This technical course is aimed at anyone considering implementing IPv6 on their campus who wishes to understand some of the theory and implications.

    The course assumes a basic knowledge of networking theory such as is covered on our basic networking course.

    What we cover

    • The evolution of IP
    • IPv6 protocols
    • Differences to IPv4
    • IPv4/IPv6 integration/transition
    • IPv6 services and security
    • Commercial IPv6 deployment activity
    • IPv6 – the Janet Network context
    • Deploying IPv6
    • IPv6 network management and monitoring

    Training outcomes

    On completion of this one day course, delegates will be able to:

    • Explain the need for the development of IPv6
    • Explain the practical impact of IPv4 addresses running out on your and ISP networks
    • Describe reasons for IPv6 deployment at your site beyond just the additional address space
    • Describe the key features of IPv6
    • Explain the format of IPv6 addresses, and how they may be abbreviated when written down
    • Explain how an IPv6 address breaks down into an ISP prefix, a site prefix, and host subnets
    • Describe how you might go about forming an IPv6 address plan for your site
    • Suggest the key differences between IPv4 and IPv6 packet headers

    Pricing and eligibility

    • Jisc members - £350 + VAT
    • Non-member, not-for-profit - £400 + VAT
    • Other organisations - £500 + VAT


    For more information or to register your interest for future dates, email or phone 01235 822242.