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Maximising the use of digital collections in learning and research

Optimise your collection for discovery and use web analytics to track and monitor access.

  • Online
  • Two sessions
  • Two hours per session
  • £200 - 400 + VAT

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    These workshops will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

    • Increase visibility of your digital collections
    • Evaluate impact and realise the benefits of investment in your digital collections
    • Strategically promote your digital collections in appropriate contexts, for a range of audiences
    • Optimise your collection for discovery via Google and other search tools
    • Use web analytics to track and monitor access and usage of your digital collections

    If your organisation has digital collections, or plans to develop them, our workshops will help you maximise the reach of those collections online, demonstrate the impact of their usage and help you build for future sustainability.

    Who should attend

    The resource discovery and impact programme has been designed for anyone who manages, supports and/or promotes digital collections online for learning, teaching and research. It will benefit librarians, archivists and information professionals in higher education as well as in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) sector.

    Many of the techniques covered in the course are relevant to resource discovery for all types of collections online, however the course is most relevant to collections that belong directly to institutions, including digitised and born-digital resources, rather than bought in resources such as commercial e-journal or e-book collections.

    Participants should:

    • Have experience of working with digital collections published on the web
    • Be aware of relevant interests of students and researchers within their institution
    • Be confident users of web interfaces
    • Have the authority to implement practical exercises such as to one or more digital collections within their institution

    What we cover

    You will learn more about:

    • Factors affecting the reuse of digital content by teachers and researchers
    • Strategies for promoting digital collections and their content, including case studies exemplifying resource discovery techniques in action
    • Approaches to ensuring Google and other search engines index and display relevant information from their digital collection website(s) in search result
    • as a mechanism to boost online discoverability

    Training outcomes

    Organisations will be able to increase visibility and discoverability of their digital collections by applying practical tips and strategic advice in promoting collections.

    Earn digital credentials for this course

    By completing this course, you can earn the 'completed' digital badge. Find out more about digital credentials.

    Pricing and eligibility

    Special offer

    If you book to take part in the measuring usage and impact on digital collections training course, you will receive a £50 discount code for this course.

    Standard pricing

    • Jisc members - £200 + VAT
    • Non-profits - £200 + VAT
    • Commercial organisations - £400 + VAT


    For more information, email or phone 01235 822242.