Penetration testing drop-in clinic

Have your questions about security threats answered.

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  • One hour
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    Security threats come in many shapes and sizes, and it's difficult to stay on top of the techniques and trends that attackers may use. Our penetration testing team specialises in adopting these methods in order to find vulnerabilities and advise on how to fix them.

    The sessions will start with a short "monster of the week" presentation, in which one of our hackers will share information and advice about what we frequently see in the wild. This is followed by an open Q&A where people can share their experiences and questions and hear our penetration testers' responses.

    Session topics and leads

    Each session will be led by a member of the Jisc penetration testing team. Each session will have an introductory topic related to penetration testing and security, followed by an open forum where we take questions and encourage discussion.


    • Gain a deeper understanding of what systems look like to an attacker.
    • Understand common attack techniques and how to prevent them.
    • Share your experiences and questions with other people interested in security.
    • Gain guidance, feedback, and support on particular areas of concern.

    Joining the clinic

    This clinic will be run in Adobe Connect, which you can access using the Adobe Connect app or directly via your browser.

    You'll also need a headset or headphones and a microphone.

    Launch Adobe Connect​.


    Email or phone 01235 822242.

    Who should attend

    Anyone with an interest in security, either from a defensive or offensive perspective!

    What we cover

    The clinic is primarily discussion-based and relies on guest participation. We’ll aim to provide answers and encourage conversation about specific technical, administrative and policy questions during the session.

    Join the community

    Get support and connect with like-minded peers by joining our cyber security community group.