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Transformation through storytelling: a leader's challenge

How narrative and data can combine to support people through organisational change.

  • Online
  • Two sessions
  • Two hours per session
  • Free

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    Join us as we embark on a creative collaboration event designed to explore the power of storytelling to inspire in a digital world.

    Storytelling is a fundamental skill for leadership. It’s the way you communicate your purpose and values and get buy-in for your strategy or transformation. Your ability to craft and communicate effectively can often be the difference between your programme flying or failing.

    Often, the field of digital transformation requires leaders to explain and inspire people to change their practice based around complex ideas or detailed evidence. The ability to bring together data and narrative into a compelling message is essential.

    Jisc has partnered with Adobe to host this design challenge where we invite you to bring along a problem of communication that you face as a leader. Through expert help and peer support you’ll develop new skills and insights. You’ll also design your own communication plan and artefacts that you can put into practice immediately.

    Typical problems you might be facing include:

    • Getting colleagues on board with a new strategy or vision
    • Reaching out beyond your institution to engage people your project or research
    • Changing people’s minds about a complex issue.
    • Using storytelling to transform learning practices or curriculum.

    It takes place over two online sessions of two hours and we plan a follow-up event at Digifest 2022.

    Who should attend

    We’re looking for people who are happy to explore creative approaches and learning through collaboration and experiment.

    This challenge has been designed as an extension of Jisc’s digital leaders programme but it is open to anyone in the UK education sector in a position of leadership or influence in their organisation and has an interest in digital transformation.

    What we cover

    We will be using Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of tools to help in the creation of your story. Many institutions provide access to creative cloud to staff and faculty, if you are unsure if your institution provides you with access please select the this on the registration form and we will check.

    We'll also cover:

    • Effective storytelling techniques for leaders
    • How narrative emerges from our analysis of data and other sources of information
    • How narrative and data can combine to support people in organisational change
    • An introduction to Adobe’s suite of tools that can be leveraged for storytelling

    Training outcomes

    By the end of the challenge you will have:

    • Shared examples of the leadership communication challenges you face at you organisation
    • Applied a range of skills to create compelling and authentic stories to your communication challenges
    • Refined your approach to the challenge based on expert and peer feedback and coaching
    • Utilised ‘maker methodology' for building confidence in developing digital artefacts through experimentation and play.

    Pricing and eligibility

    This course is free of charge to Jisc members.


    For more information, email or phone 01235 822242.