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What does learning in the Metaverse mean?

  • Online
  • One hour
  • Free

This course will be held on

  • There are no upcoming dates


    • This will be an introduction to an example of learning in the Metaverse
    • Talking through the Metaverse Learning consortia model
    • Demonstrating its products and hub
    • Outlining impact on learners, tutors and institutions
    • Q&A

    Who should attend?

    • CEOs
    • Principals
    • Vice Principals
    • Assistant Principals
    • Heads of Quality and Curriculum
    • Heads of Departments

    Benefit/learning outcomes of the sessions

    • A better understanding of what we mean by learning in the Metaverse
    • The power of simulation on teaching skills
    • Case studies of what others are doing to support their learners

    What will be covered

    • General introduction
    • Demonstrations
    • Q&A


    For more information, email or phone 01235 822242.