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Developed and delivered by our experts, our high-quality training is designed to help you develop in-house expertise and make the most of our services and solutions.

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  1. Cyber Essentials drop-in clinic

    Have your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus questions answered.

    + more sessions

  2. Making assistive technology decisions: assistive technology for students who are deaf or hard of hearing

    Looking at technology in different contexts with a student-centred approach.

  3. DDoS mitigation drop-in clinic

    An opportunity to have your DDoS questions answered.

  4. eduroam live online clinic

    Instant answers to technical questions directly from our experts.

  5. Heidi Plus new user clinic

    In our third and fourth clinics of the academic year, explore more essential functionality of Heidi Plus as a new gold or silver user. These clinics will cover further material rather than repeat the content of the previous sessions.

    + more sessions

  6. Penetration testing drop-in clinic

    Have your questions about security threats answered.

  7. Accessibility drop-in clinic

    Your opportunity to ask questions about digital inclusion.

  8. Penetration testing - think like a hacker

    Learn how to test a computer system, network or web application to find security vulnerabilities.

  9. Writing for the digital world

    How to make your web content engaging, discoverable and accessible.

    + more sessions

  10. Cyber Essentials Plus - preparing for verification

    The next step after achieving Cyber Essentials certification.

    + more sessions

  11. ISO 27001 clinic

    Ask us your questions about implementing the standard.

    + more sessions

  12. Heidi Plus masterclass

    Your questions answered by our Heidi Plus experts.

    + more sessions

  13. Developing effective security awareness campaigns

    Creating a strong security culture and mindset at your organisation.

    + more sessions

  14. Cyber Essentials - prepare for certification

    Explore the assessment questions involved in the Cyber Essentials certification.

    + more sessions

  15. Making assistive technology decisions: assistive technology for students who have a vision impairment

    Accessible and alternative formats for inclusive practice.

  16. Digital storytelling

    Using digital technology to capture and share stories that will impact on audience and storyteller alike.

  17. Supporting learners’ digital identity and wellbeing

    Using digital technologies to help them thrive in a digital world.

  18. Developing learners’ employability skills

    Prepare your learners to thrive in their future careers.

  19. Digital leaders programme

    Work together with like-minded peers to become a digitally-informed and empowered leader.

  20. Making assistive technology decisions: strategic approaches to implementing assistive technology

    Understanding what to include in your strategy and how you can lead this.

  21. Making assistive technology decisions: needs assessment essentials

    Understanding the experiences of students with additional support requirements.

  22. Accessibility: awareness raising and best practice

    Exploring web accessibility regulations and tools for the day-to-day creation of digital resources.

    No upcoming sessions

  23. Advance HE survey officer training

    How to design, distribute and analyse online surveys.

    No upcoming sessions

  24. Artificial intelligence and ethics

    Should we be worried about AI? Our free mini MOOC explores the issues.

    No upcoming sessions