AI in Education: Pedagogy first - providing personalised learning

Senior AI specialist Tom Moule speaks with Scott Hayden from Basingstoke College of Technology about they are using AI to support personalised learning.

Teacher and students in engineering lab.

Scott talks about how the college is using Century Tech, an AI teaching and learning platform, to support students who are studying GCSE maths and English. This platform analyses a student’s strengths and identifies where they need extra support, helping teachers facilitate a more personalised approach to learning.

We discuss the lessons Scott and the team have learned when adopting AI technology, including how to embed these tools strategically so that they become an integral part of teaching and learning. We also discuss the benefits he has seen from using AI, which include improved attendance and the freeing up of teachers’ time to focus on tasks that only they can do, such as providing direct one-to-one support.

Lastly, Scott shares other exciting applications of AI, and his aspirations for how AI could be used in the future.

Show notes

Episode guest

Scott Hayden
Scott Hayden
Head of digital learning, Basingstoke College of Technology

Episode host

Tom Moule
Tom Moule
Senior AI specialist, national centre for AI

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