Meeting your connectivity needs with our world-class Janet Network and special purpose connections. We can support access and roaming by all your users - staff, students, researchers and visitors.

Meeting your connectivity needs

We offer connection services for different needs based on capacity, resilience and technical design.

Our high availability connections are procured, managed and maintained to deliver 24/7.


Infrastructure to support you

Special purpose connections can support your key projects, business and research functions. This brings your remote facilities, other sites and your education and research partners together.


Get connected and stay connected

We offer secure and seamless internet access and roaming across organisations, locations and devices via the Janet Network.

To protect it and ensure high availability for users, we detect and resolve issues proactively.


Our products and services

Connecting your users to the Janet Network

Underpinned by the world-class Janet Network, your users can connect any time, anywhere. We offer high availability access to your key resources and sites through private and point-to-point connections.

Cloud connectivity to meet your performance needs

Are you looking to extend your on-premise environment into the cloud? You could use your existing Janet Network connection with its high-availability, high-capacity and resilient peerings.

Special purpose connections

These bring your remote facilities, other sites and education and research partners together. Each service is tailored to support your key projects, business or research functions.

Access and roaming support

Underpinned by the Janet Network and the global eduroam access federation, our services work in combination or align to support users with different needs. 

See how these services work together.

Management and maintenance

We can remove the complexities of management and maintenance of your infrastructure so you stay connected without overburdening IT staff.

Telephony services

Our Janet hosted infrastructure and easy purchasing routes give choice and options to support both legacy solutions and to drive your digital transformation.

Digital Marketplace

Jisc is a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud framework. Purchasing services through the framework can offer significant savings.

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Protecting the network

We run the Janet Network on behalf of research and education in the UK, so it is vital we protect it. We can protect your IT estate, respond to cyber security incidents and work to mitigate them.

Explore our cyber security services.