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From chatbots and digital assistants to adaptive learning platforms and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to help educators better understand and meet the needs of their learners.

The national centre for AI in tertiary education exists to support members in using artificial intelligence effectively.

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In this third edition of our yearly report, we summarise the current state of play, including insights into emerging use cases and guidance on ethical considerations.

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Publications and resources

This report looks at how students are currently using generative AI and explores its potential impact on their learning experience.

So you’ve heard about ChatGPT and want to explore it but don’t know where to start? Here are some pointers on how to get going.

Discussions of artificial intelligence (AI) often jump straight to “ethics”. But there may be a better way.

The release of ChatGPT coincided with an environment of rising anxiety around academic integrity.

Sharing insights into how universities and colleges are benefiting from some of the more established AI resources that are available.

An introduction to generative artificial intelligence technology and its implications on education.

Assessment ideas for an AI-enabled world

Codesigned with the sector, we've produced a set of postcards to provoke discussion and reflection around assessment approaches in higher education. Each idea postcard outlines the type of assessment task, key characteristics and appropriate formats. Open in slideshow mode to use the interactive features.

Download our assessment ideas postcards (.pptx).

Training and events

Reflecting on our Graide pilot and discussing the broader implications of AI for assessment.

We'll explore some exciting applications of AI in medical education.

A reflection on the national centre for AI's 2022-2023 pilots.

Should we be worried about AI? Our free mini MOOC explores the issues around AI and what can make it unsettling.

Giving educators an understanding about AI and how it's impacting education and learners.

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Upcoming pilots

We are piloting a number of promising AI products, so that we can share insights into which products add value and in what circumstances. Join our JiscMail list to be notified about upcoming pilots, advice on how to get involved and the centre’s other work.

Current pilots

Our pilots so far have included a range of exciting AI products including an AI assisted marking tool, a chatbot for student queries, and a virtual reality interview simulator.

Find out the outcomes from our completed pilots.


Status: ongoing

TeacherMatic is a tool that uses generative AI to help teachers create resources and teaching materials. Their platform provides a suite of generators that can help create a variety of essential materials for educators, such lesson plans, learning activities, quizzes, and more. Through this pilot participating colleges will try TeacherMatic and explore whether it can save time and assist with workload.

Read about the TeacherMatic pilot on our blog.


Status: ongoing

Anywyse empowers educators to produce engaging audio-based learning material (called ‘Wysers’) for their students. Through the use of AI, existing learning materials – workbooks, reading materials and more, can be transformed into exciting, podcast-style modules, thus expanding the ways in which students can learn. Through the pilot we want to help colleges enhance their skills in AI implementation while producing fun, engaging content for learners.

Read about the Anywyse Pilot on our blog.

Sue Attewell, head of AI and co-design, Jisc:

"AI is already transforming teaching and learning. It’s helping staff manage workloads effectively and enhancing student outcomes through improved engagement and personalised learning. Our aim is to guide UK education and research towards using the technology in the best possible way to meet the needs of students and staff by implementing AI safely, securely and ethically.”