Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP)

A shared portal to enable more efficient access to e-resource usage statistics.

Libraries spend millions of pounds on electronic resources each year, but gathering statistics about their use hasn’t always been easy. Comparative usage statistics help evaluate the impact of e-resources and inform future purchasing decisions.

Developed in partnership with Jisc Collections, Evidence Base (Birmingham City University) and Cranfield University, JUSP provides a “one-stop shop” for libraries to view, download and analyse their usage reports from our Jisc Collections library consortium and other publishers.  

Working internationally with institutions and publishers to share technology, processes, skills and knowledge within the community is resulting in the development of tools and projects that add value and efficiencies and meet community needs.

JUSP case studies

Visit the JUSP website to see real examples of how JUSP can be used to benefit your institution.

JUSP Consult

JUSP Consult offers consultancy, as well as advisory and support services to improve online content usage data management. We do this by harnessing the technical, analytical and negotiation skills of our Journal Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) and Institutional Repository Usage Statistics (IRUS-UK) service delivery teams.

We work collaboratively with our clients to offer tailor-made solutions and flexible fee structures. Email to start a conversation with us.