Equipment data service

Join this online event to find out more about the new version of the Equipment Data service.

  • One hour
  • Online
  • Free

This event will be held on

  • 06 June 2023

    • Online
    • 15:30 – 16:30


Jisc has launched a new version of the Equipment Data service.

What is Equipment Data?

Equipment Data harvests and aggregates a range of university and research facility equipment catalogues. The service enables searching across all published UK research equipment databases through one aggregation portal allowing greater accessibility with the aim to improve efficiency and stimulate greater collaboration in the sector. Read more on our website.

The upgrade:

We have improved the user interface, search functionality and the underlying database to help improve the discovery of UK research equipment. We are currently documenting the API to allow data to be easily queried by machines and will be releasing this shortly.

The upgrade has improved the functionality of the service and we now want to start to engage the community in gathering requirements for future functionality to work towards optimising the research infrastructure assets space.

This online event will:

  • Provide an overview of the service upgrade
  • Discuss how to provide data to the service and what we need from institutions
  • Outline GDPR requirements related to the service
  • Outline draft roadmap for the service
  • Input into future development priorities
  • Explore the possibility of creating a user community to support discussion and developments

Who should attend

  • Anyone who is involved in research infrastructure asset management from research managers to research technicians.
  • End users of the service – researchers wanting to discover equipment and facilities


For further information, please contact events@jisc.ac.uk.