Digital leadership in HE: improving student experience and optimising service delivery

A joint report between Jisc and UCISA.

The education sector is currently going through a particularly challenging time, with scrutiny on cost, quality and value; plus competition from online learning displacing traditional bricks and mortar. We, as HE technologists and leaders, should ensure we aid our organisations in creating an inspiring environment for our students, while also supporting our colleagues in introducing tools that will help them do their work more effectively.

Among the many questions that we need to answer, there are a few we may prioritise such as:

  • How can we better engage and communicate with our students?
  • How are we going to get the buy-in from our leadership team to invest in innovation, digital transformation and edtech?
  • How will these technologies be implemented effectively in the organisation, so students and staff make the best use out of them?

Developed with UCISA, this report addresses these questions, using a survey of 50 UK university leaders and interviews/focus groups with 25 HEIs.​

Download the report (pdf)

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